Have you been told your balance issues are “just your age?”

Yes, balance does decline with age, in general. It is also true that there is quite a bit one can do (and easily incorporate into every day activities) to slow this down and actually improve balance. For most people, this translates to a better quality of life, more confidence to remain active, and reduced risk for falls. The important piece of information you must know is that a proper assessment of your balance issues allows you to have a targeted home program that is meant just for you. It is not “one size fits all.”  Some people can practice standing on one leg all day long but their true issue may not be addressed. Just a short list of things that disrupt balance are back and orthopedic injuries, prior ear infections, viruses, medications, peripheral neuropathy, and vestibular issues. When a thorough exam is completed by a skilled health care provider, often there is successful, efficient intervention that helps dramatically.

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