Got a headache yet?


What is wrong with this all too common picture? The wrong muscles are working hard to hold the head up, important neck muscles for posture and stability are snoozing when they should be working, spinal joints (facet) are sitting in a compromised position, and it won’t be long before nerves send signals that disks, muscles, ligaments and joints are unhappy.

Studies, and the International Headache Society, show that about 15% of all headaches are cervicogenic in nature which means they originate from joints or soft tissues in the neck. Sensory nerves from the upper cervical spine (neck) relay information to something called the trigeminal spinal nucleus that is related to some headaches. Though this can happen from trauma such as car accidents, it is also common with sustained poor postures such as this one here.

What to do about it? Seek professional advise on postural changes that include correcting the way muscles are being misused in the neck and learn how to “stack” the joints in the neck appropriately. Strong evidence supports that joint mobilizations, myofascial release, trigger point dry needling and the right exercises alleviate this type of headache, as well.

testimonial SB

I came to see Katharine for my knee pain after one doctor told me I “just need to stop running” and another Physical Therapist gave me knee exercises that made the pain worse. Katharine’s evaluation of me was so thorough and she shared more information with me about my knee than I got from everyone else, combined. Over the course of 5 visits, she did hands-on maneuvers on my low back, knee and hips that she said were related to my knee issues. She showed me how my alignment and posture were adversely affecting my knee and, once corrected, exercises would help to maintain it. She gave me hope, encouragement, and a home exercise program which worked great. I have much more awareness now, can run a few days per week and I cross train with exercises she has given me. Katharine still takes excellent care of me as she guides me with good advise as I seek to explore other activities. Thanks, Katharine…from a big fan! S.B.