Red Light Therapy (wall panel)

This wall panel uses infrared and near-infrared wavelength technology that is proven to penetrate deeper tissues, bones, and joints to speed up healing. There is support in the literature that standing in front of this panel for the allotted time can improve common side effects of chemotherapy. It is a very safe treatment that can augment almost any other Physical Therapy intervention and can be used at the end of your regular PT session. This wall panel also can be used “a la carte” whereby you can purchase a bundle of 6-10 sessions and schedule them separately. We would discuss your goals to decide on the best schedule for you.

*Once you’ve tried the Red Light Therapy and would like like to purchase one for your home, I can guide you on what would be best for your needs. There are many brands, styles and sizes and finding a quality product takes a bit of homework. I do recommend several brands. I have the Hooga brand because they have been outstanding to work with, provided full disclosure of their testing techniques, and back their product with a warranty.

Feel free to reach out with questions but here is a discount of 12% if you’d like to purchase a Hooga panel.