Class IV Laser

Class IV laser treatments are painless and take very little time to target injured, inflamed areas to successfully speed up healing. This device acts to directly aid cell and tissue regeneration quickly. Tendons, muscles, ligaments, joints and nerves all benefit from increased energy production in the cells, decreased swelling and increased blood flow. The best part- you have less pain.

4 thoughts on “Class IV Laser

  1. Rob Gagliardo says:

    I have neck and lower back pain. I suspect I would need multiple sessions What is the charge for each treatment?

    I was given your card at Swan Lake Chiropractic

    • Katharine Hauge, PT says:

      Hi Rob- Since we would want to really evaluate things, 60 min is a good idea first time. Then, if laser is the primary thing we will do, 30 min visits works fine. 60 min = $120.00, 30 min = $75.00. Just an FYI- typically I am doing laser as well as some stretching, soft tissue or joint mobilization type treatment to maximize outcomes. Seems like you are getting Chiropractic help and if so, we can focus primarily on laser. Hope that helps and hope to meet you. Katharine Hauge

  2. Dan says:

    How often would you recommend Class IV laser therapy during my 3-6 week phase after hamstring reattachment surgery? I have scheduled one session with you – just not sure if I should look at weekly, twice a week, ect.

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