I totally trust Katharine Hauge with my health concerns as she has helped me with knee, hip, shoulder, neck and foot issues over the years. She found “problems” in other areas which she was convinced caused both my knee and shoulder injuries. She was right and through her thorough evaluation and comprehensive treatment, I have no pain now. Every time I have had something else come up, Katharine succeeds in finding the cause of it, how to fix it, and educates me on how to stay better. She looks at the “whole picture.”

I saw a few other Physical Therapists who had little to offer, spent very little time with me, and did not help me. I didn’t leave with any better idea of what even caused my issues. Many visits later and time/money poorly spent, I stopped going to Physical Therapy but still had pain and limitations. Enter Katharine. An Orthopedic Surgeon recommended I see her and that I would be very happy with her. I couldn’t be more grateful.

I know Katharine keeps up with the latest techniques and is always reading up on the literature because she is a great resource for me. Even when she may not have an answer, she follows up with me when she does.

Now, Katharine is my go-to health care provider for many things.

Sherry K